Here are the best tips for you for a stress free evening and an amazing start into the new year. At the end of the page you will also find a map of the event area.


The event starts at 09:00 p.m. and is only for people 18 years and older. Our entrance team works very fast every year, so you don't already have to queue up at 8:15 p.m.

Please have your printed tickets or QR codes ready on your smartphone. There is a box office from midnight (small amount of remaining tickets).

All fireworks are explicitly prohibited (including table fireworks and confetti cannons). Body and bag checks will take place at the entrance. The rubbish bins at the entrance can be used for disposal.

There are no parking spaces on the premises, we recommend arrival by public transport or taxi.


There is no specific dress code, but our legendary New Year's Eve party is known for a very pleasant mix of sophisticatedly dressed guests. Experience shows that the average age of Silvester an der Spree is very mixed. Our guests are between 20-50 years old which offers a great party atmosphere. Admission is only possible from the age of 18.


The ticket price includes a wardrobe ticket for one item of clothing. For further items of clothing (e.g. backpacks, bags) tokens (2€) must be purchased at the entrance or at the wardrobes. Please have small change at hand.

If you want to pick up your jackets for the midnight fireworks, you will need to buy additional tokens (2€) at the entrance for returning them to the wardrobe afterwards. For logistical reasons, it is not possible to collect the jackets of all guests again free of charge.


All drinks (including beer and long drinks) are included for the entire evening. We charge a deposit of 1€ per drink for your first order- please have it at hand. Further orders are in 1:1 exchange without deposit.

You will get 1€ back when you return the cup & chip at the end of the evening. Please plan to bring some change for the cup deposit. 

To shorten the waiting time there are a lot of self-service refrigerators with water, coke and beer.

The midnight champagne is only available at the outdoor bars on the lower terrace.


The ticket price includes two meas. You can choose between Berliner Currywurst, Baked Potato with sour cream, Pizza slices and Pulled Pork Burgers! In addition, you can enjoy the traditional Berlin pancake at the wardrobe at midnight. All food stations close at 4.00 am.

More food stamps can be bought at the entrance for 4€ per food. Payment is not possible at the Food Stations. Please note that it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.


At peak times, waiting times must be expected on the inside toilets. Therefore we have provided a total of 12 additional toilet cabins in the heated outdoor area, which are regularly checked and cleaned.


For the New Year's Eve party fun, our New Year's Eve DJs provide music on three dance floors. There is something for everyone:

Club floor: House, RnB, club sounds

Disco floor: 90s, 2000s, Disco Classics

Schlager-Floor: Schlager, Partyhits


We have a large number of seats with free choice of seats. A table reservation is not possible and for the benefit of all guests not desired.


Tickets can be transferred. The ticket price includes all drinks, two meal tickets and a wardrobe ticket.

If you have lost your ticket, you can contact us via our contact form and we will resend the tickets via email. Just like at concerts a return of the tickets is not possible.